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when you don’t even know how to spell your own name. do you have those days. where the winds swiftly gasp by you and you haven’t any words. framed silver silence. shall i proceed. if only indeed. rejoice in thy tribulations and failures, for it bringeth endurance and patience. and may she have her perfect way in you. at which point do you leave yourself behind to discover a new…and will you miss the former? i was reduced to one or two verbalized sentences. 2 years and some odd months, spaghetti wrapped, sync-summed to coffee’s fetch retreat. perhaps i should blame my literary and written skill and its lack of luster in presentation and clarity. like the kid who was held back. stuck somewhere between 1st and 2nd grad.e. are you lost? you should be. welcome to my headspace. none of it makes any bloody sense. coffee + bourbon delight time.


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