APRIL 24. 8/5

i can’t even think that far back. why? because today is august 5th, fast forward, present day august 10th. and clearly it’s been some inevitably time lapsed, knowingly knitted days. powerless to the time of the endless roaring and living waves. i have always never been that ideal in the upkeep of communication. admittedly humanly and selfishly faulted. i wonder why…why the familiars i made in elementary kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, middle school 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, high school know it all knowing 9th, 10th, 11th, senior ruling 12th grade, where are they? where are we now? what chapters, sequels and novels have we fallen into?

do you see, do you not? those noted, recorded, stay with you throughout your mental picture frames all just the same in a running, flowing water of reassured, bred embedded consistency and true soulful singing sincerity. true, yes, we are aware and know of each other, a few across the chairs which we sat across from one another, spelling tests, and trips to skip down to the quarterly library book fair, chocolate bar sellin’ for money raisin,’ buy this here wrapping paper, a donation, simply sign right there, if you D.A.R.E.; peer mediation meetin’ Mr. Levanthal coach counselin,’ paired in groups, bathroom breaks, that offputtin’ wreck wrenk, hold your breath smellin,’ stankonia smell stank, and troops tap, tap, tap, triumphantly crowned trekkin,’ adventurously growin,’ growth puberty generatin,’ everglades running team, roughin’ it truckin,’ cafeteria lunch white tray, boxed chocolate milk, sloppy joe’s lunchin,’ classically designed original foundation laid, old school, cartoon campaignin’ tin lunch boxes and free breakfast if you’re early enough and coordinated class lunch givin,’ school boy chuckles hard heart drawin’ dream life crushin,’ after school care reckless, focus workin,’ team sportin’ fitness test, mile run, “pass the baton!” – bronze, silver, gold, toe touch, pull up, comin’ of age youngin,’ ice-cream truck, music playin,’ change in hand to buy them preadolescent picture of cool signature sellin’ candy cigarettes, early installin’ bad habits to come, gifted class oregon trail educatin’ – “develop your minds, you’re special,” green yard plantin,’ earth rock collectin,’ 3rd grade class, dirty dance, move the desks, bonus dance class learnin,’ talent show performin,’ twinnin’ black and white dressed besties dancin, “You’re right on Time,” science fair presentin, youth fair grand exhibtionin,’ school trip, ride rollin, “are ya tall enough?” age controllin,’ jumprope for the heart skippin,’  stage performin,’ trophy winnin,’ take home, head held high, proudly walkin,’ graduation day, parents picture takin, savin’ moments, “smile,” enter into 5th grade, hallway patrollin,’ line-leader trainin,’ yearbook writin,’ circlin,’ signin’ and taggin’ with explosive gifted wonder.

10296_66cm_ 001
10296_66cm_ 001

all over, all through, up and down, high and low, from the word start, from the word go, in everything, inside and out, on all accounts, from start to finish, secrets, laughs and details shared, in all respects, notes passed, overall, completely, at full length, around, all through the time, during every bit, in every place, chalkboard written, copied, erased and replaced, with next day’s date, completely from end to end, far and near, cursive scriptin’ everywhere, supervised birthday party celebrations, everyone in class invited, valentine card givin,’ right through round, up and till, tellin’ ticks and tocks the whole internal body mental clock time to the end…of any given full schoolhouse day and tallied years i say. i suppose we have the advancement of our rapidly instantaneous and unceasing determination of the prominently, integrally wired, ever expanding connectivity for all that which is now, forever telegraphically tirelessly tying us together, to handwrite thank you notecards to. the immediacy and need for constant communication which bestows such a gapping and unforgiving distance that relentlessly grows. and which do you prefer, that which was then? or the present technical breaths being, in its befittingly beating breathing batting beats now? and strangely enough, many times i feel closest to those beautifully breezing benevolent bona57d483b2b9a51373f72d59fdc8742ca.jpgd familiars i have met along life’s given journey designed pathway…whom i may not see every day, but have stayed with me just the same. etched and sketched, and flicker recorded registered and som
etimes hidden deeply rooted reminiscent recalls that lie in bed with you when night falls. and we find, is that not the beauty of this life? to give, learn, let go, forgive, live, love and be out to discover? hmmm (*smiles*)…my little mermaid friends, just as Scuttle would say. farewell for now, my lassies and laaadieeeesss.



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