and sometimes…things happen. we haven’t the former or full scope and breadth of knowledge to understand why. those once let go and gone from the past, somehow resurface and reintroduce themselves into our lives. and of course, with the willing, patient and forgiving heart, we allow that door to be unlocked once again. blinded; not knowing what will be to come. wanting to believe the absolute best, that our faultlessly, humanly selfish manner can comprehend and fathom with the history story tale lines written…vulnerable, naked. always giving it that one more try, delete and re-add that name, one more time, because maybe this time will be different. and then suddenly, the story and stage changes so drastically, we are left crippled, without understanding. groping in the darkness, to retrace our lost steps, recall, and reclaim our destined true pathway, whilst still honoring these mixed up, hiccuped, somehow lesson-intended ways. and with clips of intended delivery, i give you a piece of this. a page from my book.IMG_3666


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