There is a first time for everything. As a fashion stylist and for many other artistic forms…some of us just walk on right through, with ease and comfort; no hiccups, no pushbacks, setbacks or continued obstacles, hurdles and olympic testing to arrive where we visualize ourselves to be. And for a great amount of us, it is an enduring and unexpected, grueling and fight club-esque journey that we live, bleed and breathe for…because we love it. Even with every “NO, Not at this time, I’m sorry, Unfortunately, We regret to inform you”…you get the point; you continue to push because that heartbeat always gets louder each time someone or something tries to quiet it down. That and this is what it has been for me. This path found me in a funky bowl mix of loves, and I’ve been grinding all my life.

In this perfect, Kat Williams, “Everyday I’m hustling,” lifestyle so many of us portray, and have been inevitably cast to play – we have multiple forms of revenue – income, pay my bills, weekly paycheck with the universal hope that one day we may do what we love, shine a light, create and paint a picture, birth a dream and whoa = actually make a living from doing so.

I worked for a few years as a host at Bodega Negra, a Mexican modernized fusion with sass and pizzaz in NYCs famed and trending Dream Downtown. And passed through the revolving doors many with the famed faces we all have grown to know and love. And it was one evening wherein Ms TARYN MANNING strolled on in alone and all by herself. Being an avid viewer of television and film for the never-ending gifted and collaborative fashion tying of inspiration, I knew right away who she was…And just passing through she was for a quick bite. She invited me soon to sit down and fashion styling was one of the last things to arise in conversation. There I met this amazingly gifted open and loving person, one who had been through it herself and knew the hard hustle for doing what you love. And she gave me a chance. A chance and welcoming into her world, this celebrity forum. Soon we became kindred spirits and very good friends who work well together.


This was my first time at a SAG or award anything. Have watched all my life, in admiration. Dreamt about it, but didn’t know when or how or even. For a first, the hope was to if any conversation started, to celebrate the look, and the look itself, not the cost or debate or what was said or not said, etc. Black prevailed for its distinctive classic and timeless color, mood and emotional delight, while supporting an ongoing movement to champion all who have been harassed and abused, victimized,  a unifying force for women. It was simply the perfect look for her and she too fell in love. The jewels and the fancy footwork all played their significant parts. She was not the only one in Adrianna Pappell. And let us be real, $200 for anything and not having left the state on a plane and crossed state borders is a lot. I myself do not own any dress in that cash frame, the majority of my faved closet and statement pieces come from treasure hunt thrifting. Undoubtedly I adore jewels, bags and shoes like most of us and will not hesitate on money for the right piece to entertain the princess wish diaries. In the entire mix they all flow and funk together almost with a dependence on each other to coexist and pull out a “look.”



Having dressed Taryn before for other events, and daily dress, we’ve always been quite in sync with looks and have a great love for the gems. Out of the rack of dresses and selections, this was a gem, the gem. Where fit, form and effortless tailoring created an outline for an awarding dress of a presentation. But what happened after to the red carpet chatter and absence of  focus on the craft, the reason for the award season and particular carpet?

My tastes and fashion preferences and love capture an entire scope of trucking through and discovering hidden delights at the Salvation Army’s, Goodwills and Red White and Blues; to appreciation of the fine design of those heavier price tags with a statement bag and killing me softly shoes. I love it all. While I have had a rich childhood, I have never lived that life of $1000 dollar buys, but budget back to school sprees (The big shop 1-3xs a year, everything else is out of necessity). Thankfully I have an eye to shop on ANY budget. $100,000 (though so very hard to imagine), $100 and $10. I could literally set you up and have you looking as though you dropped a few on a look. Style and fashion begins with the person and everything else is an extension to enhance what is already there. In such, confidence must be a base.


Surely am grateful and thankful for all the love for the dress (and choice), but I had hoped it would be solely for that without the attachment of criticism against anyone. Without others being hurt and dissected, torn down and rejected. All have fallen short, but judgement should not rest on moment of the entire frame. But we live in a state where the telephone game runs that track quick, slicing and dicing without looking back. For it all, I am thankful as I have learned a lot. Taryn gave me a chance and saw talent in me and became a friend. And friends we remain, supporting one another through all the chatter and loud noise. As it reads, He will take what was meant for harm and use it for good. You got to go back to the basics.

Shaming and bashing one another will never lead to a true and pure state. What gain have we for such things said and uttered to highlight and spotlight? As my daddy, Johnny B always says, “And the word is LOVE.” So I say we scrap, scratch, tear off a new sheet and start anew a new story…one that is sparked by love.

Thank you!! XX

And for those looking for my particular go to dresses for any occasion and any budget. here are some delights. enjoy. I welcome the opportunity to meet and style any of you.

For my vintage closet of obsessions, check out COCO LUXE vintage shop.




Thank you! xx


For my vintage closet of obsessions, check out COCO LUXE vintage shop.



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