clutched breaths held hostage in your own grip. gasping for air, to clear and clarify all that doesn’t make any sense. catching every tear drop to memory to never forget, the pain drilled deep, this mad deafening insecurity of love as your heart wept. pushed aways, no longer with a place to stay, a previous connection failed and fallen, broken with not a rescue in sight. have you even any strength left to fight. to fight with all your might for what will be an inevitable ruin. no longer loved, no longer wanted. it’s been partially said, and ever since, you’ve been treading ever so lightly across that thin brick of ice. waiting for it all, something, to come crashing down. and it is the most irritatingly hurtful sound. one you did not expect so soon i say. how could you think this time, love would go your way. seeing and feeling the end before it arrives; a torturous wait game you never signed up to play. slinking back, heart cast low, what a devastating heartbreak blow. you warn yourself, never, never, never again. and forget asking what fall you played. as you will never fully and truly know anyway. a rebuilding of the walls is now underway. everything that once was so colored bright has gone dark, black and gray. and the more you try to mend it, the more tangled everything becomes. intentions misread, words ignored. it’s all fallen apart, like chinua achebe said. silenced at best. last petal fallen, a heart’s decay. this is love’s end in its waiting game.


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